Adding A Garage To Your Home

Adding a garage to your home is great way to not only create extra storage space, but to protect your vehicles as well. The Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine found that homes with a garage recover a higher percentage of the original cost when sold. The national average cost to build a 26-by-26-foot freestanding garage addition is $57,824, and you can expect to recoup about 57% at resale. If you are adding a garage to your home, it is important to design one that is spacious, energy efficient, and durable enough to last through the years.

Building A Garage

Garage Roof: Standard trusses hold up the majority of garage roofs. Trusses are economical, but their design blocks the storage space you would have if you built an attic instead. If you need more room to keep holiday decorations, sports equipment and other stored items, consider upgrading your roof to attic trusses. Attic trusses allow for a boxed-in upstairs that is perfect for storing items, or even for turning into a bonus room.

Garage Windows: You will want to make sure you add windows to your new garage. New windows make the exterior more appealing and bring in natural light. Vinyl windows with insulated glass are the most common and generally inexpensive choice of windows to install. Vinyl windows are also energy efficient which will save you money.

Garage Floor Space: If you have room, build the garage wide enough to allow four or five feet of space between the car and walls, which gives you clearance to open the doors, plus plenty of extra storage room. An additional two feet will significantly increase usable space, but will not make a big difference in the cost of building. You will want to make sure that the garage floor is as level as possible to eliminate the need to use emergency breaks when parking.

Garage Doors: Most garage plans provide the main garage door and, for attached garages, a door into the house. There are a number of different garage door materials you can choose from, so be sure to do your research before deciding on one to install. Garage door installation is not something you should attempt. Call your local Chattanooga garage door specialist for more information regarding garage door installation.

If you are planning to add a garage to your home and need some help, call the professionals at Window Depot USA. Window Depot USA specializes in new windows and garage door installation in the Chattanooga, TN area. Contact us at 423-894-0011 for a free quote today.

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