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Garage Door Upgrade

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door?

Picture this: someone is visiting your house for the first time and you want to make a great impression. You’ve cleaned every surface, made a delicious meal and planned the perfect evening. But they pull into your driveway and are greeted with your old, dented, and faded garage door that you’ve been meaning to replace […]

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Window Depot of Chattanooga and Roof Repair

4 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing

Do you suspect your Chattanooga roof needs repairing but are unsure of how to tell if you have roof damage? Don’t just guess; listen to the roofing experts. At Window Depot of Chattanooga, we know roofs, so we’ve compiled a few tell-tell signs that your roof needs some work.

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How to Know if Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

Knowing when, why, and how to replace or repair the windows on your Tennessee home can be a bit daunting. Our team of experts at Window Depot of Chattanooga has these tips to make window repair and window replacement decisions easier for you.

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5 Ways to Amp Up your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring is the time of year when many homeowners in Chattanooga and Cleveland start thinking about exterior home improvement. It’s the perfect season for freshening up the face of your home so you can enjoy it for the summer months ahead. At Window Depot of Chattanooga, our exterior home services team have a few tips […]

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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Fixer Upper

You did it. You made the decision to buy that house that needs some TLC. You’re excited about its potential and ready to get started with your home improvements. As you make your to-do list, consider these four ways that Window Depot of Chattanooga can help you improve your home.

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Make Your TN Home More Energy Efficient

When summer heats up in Tennessee, it really heats up. On days when the sun is out and the humidity is up, it’s all you can do to stay inside and soak in the AC. However, cranking your cooling can really cost you quickly. To stay cool but not go broke, consider how Window Depot […]

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Treat Your Home to a Makeover

Spring will soon be here in Tennessee, and now is the perfect time to invest in your home’s curb appeal. A few exterior upgrades can make a big difference. You can begin planning now with Window Depot of Chattanooga to determine whether doing any of the following will enhance your TN home’s exterior.

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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Fall temperatures in Tennessee have brought a blessed relief to the heat and humidity of summer. You can enjoy open windows, evenings around the campfire, and the changing outdoor colors. While we at Window Depot of Chattanooga want you to enjoy this “in between” season, we also want to give you a few tips for […]

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Keep Cool Air In This Summer

The temperatures have certainly heated up in Tennessee, and the warmer months are still ahead! If your air conditioner is having a tough time keeping your home cool, it may be time to see whether your house, windows, and doors are well-insulated and energy efficient.

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