Consider Glass Block Windows As Your New House Windows

You may not have thought about adding an interior window to your home, but when done in the right location, a glass block may be the perfect new home window for you. Whether you’re considering a small or large home improvement project, adding new windows to your home can instantly brighten it up, during this remodel consider adding glass block windows to your home. 

The older version of glass block windows can be seen as basement windows, they have started to make their way into home across the country. They protect your garage from wondering eyes as well as sun damage. This type of window acts as a UV barrier while still letting in enough sunlight to work comfortably on a vehicle or hobby project.

Not only has the use of glass block windows evolved, so has the material. Glass block production has progressed from basic clear designs to patterned textures and a wide range of colors, including multi-colored dichroic glass.  For art and craft projects, glass block is also available with notches for placing objects inside and holes for light sources.

If you need new house windows, consider replacing your bathroom window with a vented glass block design.  Fresh air and light can pass through, while the window still maintains the level of privacy you desire. You can also use a glass block to separate the master bathroom from the master bedroom. This style used to only be seen in high-end hotels but now can be installed in your home.

Glass block windows can be extended into glass block walls as well. Shower enclosures are one of the favorite uses for glass block walls.  End blocks are available with curved edges for a smooth, finished edge.  You can also have a half wall installed to separate the vanity area from the toilet or bath.  In the kitchen, consider a glass block base under a kitchen counter, or use a variety of colored blocks under a wet bar in the basement or patio.

If you are interested in installing new house windows into your home, such as glass block windows, contact Window Depot USA today. Window Depot USA offers expert home improvement services in Chattanooga and surrounding TN areas. Whether you need window replacements or gutter installation services, we provide quality service at an affordable price. Contact Window Depot USA today at 423-894-0011 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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