Curtains: The Finishing Touch

Imagine reaching the end of an extensive home improvement project. You’ve stripped and repainted your walls, bought new furniture, installed replacement windows, and found just the right artwork to grace your walls. Before you declare your remodeling project finished, however, don’t forget one of the most important finishing touches: curtains.

Curtains add interest, balance, fluidity, and color to an otherwise boring and hard-edged window. Heavy fabrics provide heat insulation and light control, and even lightweight fabrics can help a room become more private. When you’re planning to add curtains to your home windows, you should consider not only the fabric, texture and pattern of the cloth but also what style of curtain best suits your windows. Here are just a few styles of curtains.

  • Valences are small pieces of fabric that merely accent and soften the window’s shape. This style of curtain, though small, is incredibly versatile. It’s ideally suited for kitchen and bathroom windows where a long panel would get in the way. When choosing your valences, think about what patterns would complement your walls and furniture—a pattern adds a necessary spark of interest to a room decorated in solid colors.
  • Swags do not, in this instance, have anything to do with either pirates or rappers. A swag is a swoop of fabric that softens the window’s shape. Think of it as a scarf for your window—simple, but still the perfect accent. The benefit of swags is their versatility. If you have a number of rooms with similar color schemes, unify them by using identical swags on all of your house windows.
  • Roman shades are the happy medium between curtains and blinds. They can be raised and lowered like blinds, but since they’re made of fabric, you can choose whatever color and texture suits your room best. For a layered look, try pairing a Roman shade with a valence.
  • Panels are a classic curtain choice: long, floor-length pieces of fabric that hang from a rod above the window. When choosing panels, you’re only limited by your selection of fabrics. Sheer, heavy, dark, light, cotton, silk—the choices are endless. Try layering a sheer panel over heavy brocade for a romantic look, or use a gingham check fabric to add a cheerful country look to your kitchen.

If these ideas sound good to you but you haven’t gotten around to replacing your house windows yet, why not give Window Depot USA a call? We’re Chattanooga’s best choice for home windows, as well as siding, doors, and more. Contact us today at 423-894-0011 for more information about our Tennessee window installation, replacement, and repair services.

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