Fixing Broken House Windows

If you have neighbors, there is always the chance that one of the neighborhood children will one day throw a ball through one of your windows. If one of the little hooligans ends up overthrowing and a baseball comes sailing through your front window, you’ll need to take the necessary procedures in order to protect your family before buying new windows.

Steps to Take to Clean up a Broken House Window:

  1. Section off the area: Make sure that the area is blocked so that children and animals won’t step on glass or anything else that may have broken.
  2. Pick up large pieces of glass: You’ll want to clean up the mess as soon as possible because the broken glass is more than a safety hazard. You don’t want to pump your heating or cooling straight out the hole. With gloves on, pick up the large pieces of glass first.
  3. Get the smaller pieces next: Take your time to vacuum up the mess, ensuring that  you get all the pieces. Vacuum the whole room thoroughly, as the momentum of the flying object may have thrown pieces much further than the base of your window. You don’t want to be stumbling upon shards of glass weeks from now. Not a pleasant surprise.
  4. Cover the open window: In preparation for a replacement window to be put in, cover up the with plastic wrap to insulate. This is only a temporary fix however, you will need replacement windows put in by a house windows specialist as soon as possible.
  5. Vinyl seal: If you have to wait a couple days you may want to purchase a home installation kit which will prevent the loss of heat or air conditioning. The kits are designed to be placed easily over your window frame. You’ll then use a hair dryer to shrink the film down to size. This will also eliminate wrinkles in the film, but this is not a major concern. If you have wrinkles in the plastic wrap this won’t impair the effectiveness of the film, it’s just an esthetic because some people cover their window frames for added insulation all year round.

If you go through a proper contractor, your new windows will be installed more securely in the frame. For Chattanooga’s best house windows, call Window Depot USA. Broken windows aren’t the only windows that need to be replaced. Older homes often have windows that have weakened and lost their integrity. These aged windows let in cold winter drafts or excessive summer heat and can affect your energy bills. Replacing windows like these with Window Depot USA’s vinyl windows not only improves the indoor climate, but also reduces the energy bill. Contact Window Depot USA in Chattanooga today by calling 423-894-0011.

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