Home Improvements for Better Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling your house can use a lot of energy and eat up a good chunk of your monthly budget. But don’t worry; you can reduce your energy spending with a few simple home improvement projects. Read on to see how our team of professionals at Window Depot of Chattanooga can help you make your home more energy efficient and help you save on your energy spending.

Window and Door Replacement Chattanooga

Replace Exterior Doors

If your exterior doors don’t have a tight seal, you’ll end up with drafts that let in hot or cold air from outside. Plus the air that you’ve already cooled with your A/C or heated with your furnace can seep outside. This can make it harder to regulate your indoor temperature. Therefore, your temperature inside becomes more difficult to regulate. A new front door with proper insulation and seals can help you keep a better barrier between you and the outdoors.

Replace Old or Drafty Windows

If your home has older or cheap windows, they may not be doing a very good job at keeping the elements at bay. New, energy-efficient triple- or double-pane windows keep out drafts and filter out the sun’s UV rays that heat up your home. Replacement windows from Window Depot are Energy Star rated models, built for efficiency. In fact, all of our vinyl replacement windows qualify for the $200 energy-efficient window replacement tax credit. They also come with product and glass warranties.

Are you ready to make your home more energy efficient? Contact Window Depot today at (423) 894-0011 to get a free estimate on window or door replacement. We serve the Tennessee residents of Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN. In addition to new windows and doors, we can also help you with a wide range of home improvement projects, gutters, soffit & fascia replacement, siding installation, and more.

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