Is It Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door?

Picture this: someone is visiting your house for the first time and you want to make a great impression. You’ve cleaned every surface, made a delicious meal and planned the perfect evening. But they pull into your driveway and are greeted with your old, dented, and faded garage door that you’ve been meaning to replace for months. Ugh! Our team at Window Depot of Chattanooga doesn’t want your home’s reputation to be ruined by an ugly garage door, and we’re here to help you decide if an upgraded garage door is right for you.

Garage Door Upgrade

Why You Might Need an Upgrade

Below are some common reasons why your garage door might not be working for your home:

  • Your door doesn’t coordinate with your home’s architecture.
  • You want to increase your curb appeal to potentially put your home on the market.
  • You need to better insulate your garage to reduce heating costs.
  • The upkeep on your current door has become too demanding.

How to Choose a New Door

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade, you’ll need help choosing the right type of door for your home. The first step is to consider how you would describe your home. Is your home traditional, carriage style, or contemporary? Depending on your architectural style, there are different garage door designs to fit each of these looks. Numerous possibilities are available using embossed or raised stamping methods, different configurations, as well as a broad selection of windows and colors to coordinate with whatever style of home you own.

How to Coordinate Your Style

Once you’ve decided on the style of your home, you can easily coordinate your new door with the rest of the house. Trust your intuition and keep in mind these simple tips for each style:

  • Tradition style: select a garage door that integrates with the exterior of your house, complementing its lines and architectural details, so that it follows the same design.
  • Carriage house: concentrate on models with decorative overlays, and add arches and windows.
  • Contemporary: use a door design that displays simple lines for a modern, clean look.

Finally, when deciding on a color, the general rule of thumb is to coordinate with your window frames instead of your front door.

Let Us Help

Are you ready to get a price quote on a new garage door installation? Our team at Window Depot of Chattanooga is ready to help! We have a large variety of new garage doors to fit your style and your budget. Contact us today at (423) 894-0011, and we will set you up with a free consultation and quote.

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