Is Vinyl Siding Right For You?

If you are choosing between wood and vinyl siding installation, there are pros and cons to both. Some people believe that wood siding is more aesthetically pleasing. Others don’t care much about the visual appeal; they choose vinyl siding because it is low maintenance. The easy upkeep factor sometimes even convinces those that love the look of wood siding to choose vinyl instead. There are a number of other benefits of vinyl siding as well, including the following:

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding Installation

  • Choices: Vinyl siding is available in a variety of colors, styles and grains, so you should be able to find a product that is perfect for your home. If you love the rustic look, you may want to consider vinyl log siding. This type of siding has that rustic look you love, but is also durable, low maintenance, and it installs just as easily as regular siding. It has the added benefits over wood of being waterproof, splinter-free, and low maintenance.
  • Low-maintenance: Vinyl siding has a color-through process, which means that vinyl siding never needs to be painted. This means you can finally say goodbye to the dreaded chores of sanding, scraping, priming, and painting.
  • Bug resistant: Chattanooga homeowners love that vinyl siding is resistant to damage from termites and carpenter ants.
  • Cost-efficient: Vinyl siding is cheaper than wood siding and aluminum siding, although the high-end grades of vinyl can rival the price of cedar siding. However, the overall price will still be lower because vinyl goes up more easily and doesn’t need painting. Generally, a mid-grade vinyl runs about $1.60 per sq. ft., not including the trim.
  • Easy clean: The upkeep is easy on vinyl siding. Usually, all it requires is a mild soap and the garden hose to clean it. Many experts don’t recommend using a power washer because they feel it drives water behind the panels.

Shopping For Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can be a superior, long-term performer. Choose wisely when buying vinyl siding, and don’t go for the cheapest grade. The cheaper grades are prone to fading, while the mid-grade varieties hold their color well. One of the worst mistakes to make with vinyl siding is to nail it tightly to the roof during installation. The panels need to be free to move, so the nail heads shouldn’t contact the hem, but should be left about 1/32 inch proud. If the panels are nailed too tightly, they can buckle from the heat in the summer. If nailed too loosely, they will rattle whenever the wind blows.

Because the vinyl siding installation process is so important, be sure to contact a siding contractor you can trust, like the ones at Window Depot USA. Our siding contractors are professionals that have the skills and expertise necessary to accomplish any siding installation or repair service that you may need. We are sure to meet your siding needs; just take a look at our client reviews. Contact us at 423-894-0011 today for information on siding prices and a free quote for your siding installation project.

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