Make Your TN Home More Energy Efficient

TN Door ReplacementWhen summer heats up in Tennessee, it really heats up. On days when the sun is out and the humidity is up, it’s all you can do to stay inside and soak in the AC. However, cranking your cooling can really cost you quickly. To stay cool but not go broke, consider how Window Depot of Chattanooga can help you make your home more energy efficient.

Replacement Windows

Wood windows have a certain charm, but they’re not necessarily the most energy efficient. If your home has older windows, it’s very likely that they aren’t as energy efficient as newer models. Older windows can often be drafty or not have UV filters like many modern windows. The same can be true of plain, old, cheap windows (no matter when they were installed). However, replacement windows from Window Depot are built for efficiency. In fact, all our models qualify for the $200 energy-efficient replacement window tax credit.

Exterior Door Replacement

Like windows, doors can either keep your home sealed tight or be a source of inefficiency. Do a few simple tests: Is your front door a little drafty? When you put your hand on it, can you feel the temperature from outside? If so, it’s likely that your door isn’t well insulated. Therefore, your temperature inside becomes more difficult to regulate. A new front door can help you keep a better barrier between you and the outdoors.

Free Estimate

New windows or a new front door could make your home more energy efficient and help you lower your monthly bills, and at Window Depot, we make sure our windows are also affordable. To get a free estimate on window or door replacement, contact Window Depot today at (423) 894-0011. We serve the Tennessee residents of Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN. In addition to new windows and doors, we can also help you with home improvement projects, gutters, siding installation, and more.

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