Prepare Your Home for Winter

Fall temperatures in Tennessee have brought a blessed relief to the heat and humidity of summer. You can enjoy open windows, evenings around the campfire, and the changing outdoor colors. While we at Window Depot of Chattanooga want you to enjoy this “in between” season, we also want to give you a few tips for how to maximize fall and prepare for the cold of winter.

winter window

1. Check for drafts.

During the coolest part of the day, check your doors and windows for potential drafts. If you notice areas of concern, you may want to look into winterizing these areas or consider a new door installation or window replacement. These upgrades can help you keep the cold out and save on your utility bills over the long haul.

2. Pay attention to insulation.

Have you ever had your home assessed to see whether it’s properly insulated? Fall is a great time to get a consultation to make sure your home has the insulation it needs to allow you to regulate temperatures year-round, especially before winter when utility bills tend to soar.

3. Take care of storm damage.

If a summer storm or high winds caused damage to your siding or gutters, fall is a great time to get these exterior issues fixed. We recommend that you gather quotes on siding installation, gutter repair, or even window repair, depending on your needs. From there, select a service provider who can make the repairs within your budget and who offers superior workmanship and quality materials. (Be sure to keep Window Depot of Chattanooga on your list!)

For all your needs including window replacement, new doors, siding installation, or gutter installation, contact Window Depot of Chattanooga at (423) 894-0011. Our team can help you make your home work for you during the winter months, allowing you to stay warm and enjoy the season.

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