TN Window Repair: Save Money on Heating Bills This Winter

Finding the balance between a comfortably warm home and a balanced budget can be tricky when cold winter weather rears its ugly head. If you haven’t started thinking about getting your home ready for the upcoming winter season, now is the perfect time to begin. From small adjustments to window replacement or even window repair in TN, there are plenty of steps you can take to guard your wallet from hemorrhaging cash and keep your Chattanooga home toasty at the same time.

Fix Problems at the Source

A great way to start getting your home ready for winter is to check the perimeter of the house for any cracks, holes, or damage that could be causing warm air to leak out and cold air to leak in. Similarly, check all of your windows for any chips or cracks. A TN window repair or replacement from the window repair and installation experts at Window Depot USA will be a one-time cost that saves you money in the long run.

If any of the windows in your home are damaged beyond repair, window replacement is your best option. Don’t attempt to make it through winter without properly installed and maintained windows. Living with broken windows in winter isn’t just a money saving problem, it could turn into a serious health issue.

Below are some more easy steps you can take to ensure your Chattanooga home is ready for the upcoming onslaught of cold winter weather.

Easy Steps:

• Use Curtains: Let solar radiation warm up your house by keeping curtains and blinds on any south facing windows open during the day. At night, keep all the curtains and binds drawn to keep heat trapped inside.

• Bathroom/Kitchen Fans: A bathroom or kitchen fan left running can suck the hot air from the house in just a few short hours. Try to keep these and other wind-moving appliances turned off when not in use.

• Layer Up: Turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees and layer up with blankets and comfy clothes when walking or lounging around the house.

• Water Heater: You can save some money on heating bills by turning the water heater down to 115-120 degrees. The difference shouldn’t be terribly noticeable, and using less energy to heat your water is also beneficial for the environment.

Window Depot USA wants to help you save money on expensive heating bills this winter. Our window repair and new window installation services are a great way to get started on preparing your home before the seasons change. Want to get started on your next home improvement project or need window repair in TN? Contact us today at 423-894-0011.

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