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Caesarstone Symphony Grey

Article provided by: Paramount Stone Co.

Caesarstone Symphony Grey

Caesarstone symphony grey is just one of the many colors that are offered at Paramount Stone. Caesarstone is like quartz but much sturdier and is of higher premium quality. It can be used both in commercial buildings and in residential homes. It is a beautiful addition to your remodeling needs. Whether you will be using it for countertops or floor, it is versatile and easy to care for. It is manufactured using the best technology, and every slab that is made is rigorously tested to be assured it is the quality that Caesarstone commands.

Caesarstone follows a very distinctive manufacturing process. It is made from raw materials like quartz, polymers, and pigments. These are tested and mixed. After this, the mixture is put into molds that will make two different sized slabs. Using the extremely high pressure of about one hundred tons, the slab is compressed while it is being vibrated, This helps get rid of all the air. After the air is removed and the slabs are compressed, they are cooked in a kiln at a temperature of ninety degrees for about 45 minutes. After being polished and quality tested to be sure they are up to the standards, they are sent to the distribution department.

The surface of the Caesarstone symphony grey is almost carefree. It does not crack or scratch easily. It can resist most stains and heat. Fruit juice, food coloring, and even wine and grapes will not stain it. Because it is smooth. It can be wiped clean and cannot form bacteria. There is no need for a sealer. Because it is a non-porous surface, it will not absorb any liquids.

Though it is scratch resistant caution should be taken when cutting on the surface. Normal cutting will not harm the surface but putting a lot of pressure on the knife while cutting can cause damage to the counter. Using a cutting board will prevent this. Caesarstone symphony grey is also made to withstand heat. Even though it is the manufacturer suggests using a heating pad before setting hot pans on the counter.

Cleaning your new countertop is easy. Avoid using harsh cleaners as it can damage the surface of the counter. The best way to clean it is to use warm soapy water and wipe clean. Because it is a smooth surface, there is no need for scrubbing. Harsh scrubbing can scratch your counter. Once a week use a cleaning gel, for example, soft scrub and bleach. Wipe the counter down and be sure it is completely dry before using it again. This will help your counters to maintain their beauty and shine and keep them looking new.

Here at Paramount Stone, we have salesmen that are highly skilled in the different kinds of countertops and know about Caesarstone Symphony Grey and its beauty. They can help you select the products that are best for you, and once the colors and style are chosen, they will install it. They are professionals and take pride in making their customers happy.

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