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Downspout and Gutter Installation

Window Depot of Chattanooga offers a variety of home improvement services in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Whether you need gutter installation or window installation services, our contractors will meet your needs. Properly working gutters are a vital part of the home and if not properly directed away from the foundation, rainwater can create a world of problems. The water can cause not only wet basements, but also mold and mildew.

Every home’s best protection against these problems is a good gutter and downspout system. Gutters are the horizontal catch basins attached to the eaves of your roofline. As rainwater flows down the roof, gutters funnel the water toward the vertical downspouts at each corner of the house. The water will empty into a drainage tube or splash guard, and directed away from the foundation.

If you have concerns about a wet basement or crawl space, contact Window Depot of Chattanooga today at (423) 894-0011 for a free consultation.

Gutter Installation

For strength and durability, Window Depot of Chattanooga contractors install gutters and downspouts made from top quality aluminum products. We offer 5″ and 6″ gutters in various colors. These systems are designed to blend in with your home’s exterior, so your residence is the main focus. Whether you need just a portion of your gutters replaced or an entire re-installation, our gutter contractors do it all.

You’ll be surprised how affordable and cost effective a new gutter installation can be when you work with Window Depot of Chattanooga. Contact us for a free estimate at (423) 894-0011. For your convenience, financing programs are available for qualified customers.

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Soffits and Fascia

The soffits on the underside of your roof eaves are usually made of vinyl or aluminum. Soffits can come in vented or non-vented types. Gutters are attached to your home’s fascia, which is the vertical surface at the end of your roof eaves. Contact Window Depot of Chattanooga to speak with a professional with experience installing fascia and soffits.

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