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Window Depot of Chattanooga offers expert soffit and fascia installation services in Chattanooga, Cleveland, TN, and surrounding areas. If you’re like many people, you’ve heard the terms soffit and fascia, but have no idea what they mean. What are they, anyway? Think of them as the “trim” of your house. Soffits are the flat panels found on the underside of your roof eaves. Some panels provide ventilation, hence the little holes you may have noticed. Other panels might be “beaded,” resembling the pattern of wainscoting.

Fascia is the trim attached to the vertical surface at the bottom of your roof’s edges that helps to protect the exterior shell of your Chattanooga house. This is usually the place where gutters and downspouts are attached to your home.

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At Window Depot of Chattanooga, we use only the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers. When we install soffits and fascia, we take pride in knowing they are solid products made to last. For professional installation services, contact us at (423) 894-0011.

Soffit and Fascia Installation in Chattanooga

Soffit and fascia products are meant to blend in with the overall look of your residence. Like siding, they come in many colors for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We use vinyl products in so homeowners won’t ever need to paint them. They’re the perfect choice for today’s busy homeowner.

Vinyl soffit is also used in other ways. Many homeowners utilize vinyl to create attractive ceilings on porch coverings. Some types even have hidden vents and a variety of thicknesses for different looks. When you call us to install soffits or fascia, rest assured that our experienced team will explain all options and recommend the best product for your needs.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

With locking designs and a secure fit, vinyl soffits and fascia can usually withstand just about anything brought on by Mother Nature. However, even with the best materials, sometimes nature wins the battle. When you need repair, you can count on Window Depot of Chattanooga for an expert fix. Our services are affordable and repairs can be completed with minimal disruption to you and your family.

Contact Window Depot of Chattanooga for more information on our soffit and fascia services in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Our home improvement contractors also provide roofing installation and repair, door repair, gutter installation, window replacement, and garage door repair services. Check out our client reviews, and call us at (423) 894-0011 for a free consultation and estimate on any home improvement project today!

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