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Are your old windows failing you? Do they rattle, have trouble locking properly, or allow cold air and summer heat into your home? When you’re looking to replace, Window Depot of Chattanooga is the among most capable and affordable installers in all of southeastern Tennessee.

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Energy Efficient Windows Chattanooga TN

Energy Efficient Windows Chattanooga TN

Energy-efficient windows will be among the first solutions you chose after doing an energy audit of the home. Upgrading your old ones will cut down the utility bills and eliminate the draft that gets to your window-side bed, seat, or your favorite reading space. Window Depot in Chattanooga will give you a final report of the window type that will suit your energy needs and climatic setup.

How much heat gets away through the windows?

Windows can allow a heat loss of up to 40 percent and a gain of 87 percent. This variation depends on the performance of the various styles and materials of the window.

What are energy-efficient windows?

These windows use glazing and specialized framing options to provide the foster proper insulation. They are an update from traditional windows because they use technology in the manufacturing process. Energy-efficient windows in Chattanooga TN will save your home in the following ways.

What is the importance of installing energy-efficient windows?

Saving money

Investing in energy-efficient windows restricts the flow of the controlled air in the house. This improvement means you get to keep your AC at a lower level during cold seasons. You can also keep the windows closed during hot summer days.

Environmental friendliness

Energy-efficient windows in Chattanooga TN can save up to one million pounds of carbon dioxide. This carbon footprint number translates to about fifty to three hundred gallons of gasoline.

Increase home value

Your home will have increased comfortability and longevity when you replace the old ones with new energy-efficient windows. The technological engineering makes the window strong and durable than the older counterparts. Prospective buyers know that these windows will save their HVAC from excessive energy consumption and reduce the need to replace windows regularly.

What are the different styles of energy-efficient windows?

The varied styles and materials will determine the amount of air leakage. The styles casement, hopper, and awning have sashing engineering, which allows closing by pressing against the window frame. The reduced air leakage improves insulation and performs better than double-hung and sliding windows. The following are the different window designs that variate energy loss and gain.

  • Fixed – They do not open but usually have a wide variation of size and shape. Fixed windows offer the most insulation because of the airtight makeup. They may not be the best when you need extra ventilation and heat loss in high-temperature regions.
  • Awning – These windows have a hinge at the top and have an opening outward to give way to the air flowing in from the bottom or the sides.
  • Double-hung – They have two sashes that move up or down the frame. This setup allows you to open the window from either the top or the bottom.
  • Casement – One opens these windows by turning the crank. They open outward from either the right or left sides depending on the position of the hinge.
  • Hopper – These windows have the same hinging style as casement windows, but they differ because they open either inwards or downwards.
  • Sliding – They glide horizontally past or over the adjacent glass.


Energy Efficient Windows Chattanooga TN
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Energy Efficient Windows Chattanooga TN

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