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Shutters Orange

Shutters Orange

Sunlight is a potentially annoying distraction when it begins infiltrating your house’s interior. The neighbors will have an unprecedented peek into your home when you do not control the visibility of the windows. The interior shutters add an architectural layer and functional quality.

Luckily, shutters in Orange are easy to install and operate. A well-fixed shutter will let in the right amount of air, light, and warmth. It is, therefore, important that you have shutters that can swing freely without compromising the attachments at the top.

How to install windows

The interior shutters usually have an attachment to the window casing of the jamb. The best-looking installation will have shutters that are parallel to the opening on the wall. This case means that the folding point should protrude outside the casing. The best strategy is to attach the shutters to the frame.

The frame has shutters with hanging strips in the window’s opening. The only tricky part of trying to position the pieces on the jamb is fastening the hinges to the shutters and holding them at the window. Mark the placement of the hinges on the wall and give a guideline for the hanging strip.

Prepare the shutters

Place a pair of shutters at the end of the hinge with the louvers control bars facing one another. This position allows the shutters to open in the right direction. 

Place the bit in a hinge screw and drill a hole into the shutter. Repeat the process of all hinge holes. The shutter hinges have a factory setting that opens to the right side. You will, therefore, have to remove the pins and insert them on the right side of the hinge, so that each one has a left counterpart.

Install the strips

Have someone hold the shutter open on the wall with its hinges open so that it sits in the jamb. Adjust the unit, so the hinges poke outside the jamb and allow the shutter to have a clearing when the casing is parallel to the wall.

Hold the strip alongside the lines and make holes on the strip. Attach the hinge strip to the jamb and repeat the process. It is recommendable if you key in the screw into the stripe at an angle. 

Align the opening

Place the shutters in the window and slip shims to keep them in place. Adjust the shutters to make an even spacing between the shutters. Mark the casing at the top of the knuckle and set the shutters to the side.

Mark the hinges on the casing

Transfer the marks on the casing to the line on the jamb then the hanging strip. The stamps will indicate where you should line the hinges along with the window.

Hang the shutters

Screw the magnetic plates to the bottom in the corners. Open the shutters and place them in the L shape of the hinges. Screw the hinges to the hanging strip and adjust them before tightening with a screw.

Shutters in Orange by Superior View Window Fashion have a readily available team with complete equipment for all sorts of projects. Our tools and skills keep your shutters in perfect condition and improve energy efficiency.

Shutters Orange
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Shutters Orange

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