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Are your old windows failing you? Do they rattle, have trouble locking properly, or allow cold air and summer heat into your home? When you’re looking to replace, Window Depot of Chattanooga is the among most capable and affordable installers in all of southeastern Tennessee.

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Window Replacement Chattanooga TN

Window Replacement Chattanooga TN

Windows are a fragile part of the home and yet one of the toughest in regards to durability. They could crumble due to an earthquake or last for a century. The unpopular truth is that your home needs window replacements after 15 or 20 years. Aluminum windows will give you service for 20 years while fiberglass will go for twice the duration. You would be a right candidate for window replacement in Chattanooga TN if you inherited the house from a seller or family member.

What are the telltale signs that you need window replacement?

Feeling the draft  

Windows are the escape point of about 10 to 25 percent of the heat in the home. High-quality windows have a design that is meant to be energy efficient. Worn out windows will let out more heat and you will feel a draft standing nearby.


Sometimes you only need to find out the age of the home if you suspect that the windows are too old. A house that goes back more than four decades will most likely warrant the replacement of windows. You can identify aged and faded spots on carpets or furniture that get direct sunbeams from the adjacent window.

Stuck windows

Several reasons can make a window not to open. Old windows are regular culprits of such conditions because they have layers of paint and undercoats. Aluminum windows will get stuck during summer and spring due to high temperatures.

Extreme indoor temperatures

Old windows lack insulation to control temperatures within the home. This sign will become evident with increasing years if you maintain other insulation methods in the house.

Increased noise

Reduced acoustic insulation will cause excessive noise from the outdoors. Windows have the engineering of a Sound Transmission Class that has the sole purpose of filtering noise from the opposite end. The standard STC level falls between 18 and 20 while double-glazing gives windows an STC rating between 28 and 32. Outside noises will become apparent with the years if you live near busy public locations such as airports and train tracks.

Visual damage

This procedure is an easy diagnosis of the window's damage. You will notice chipping and deterioration of the frame or glass. The glass will have visible water stains and probable warping on the structures. You should replace cracked and broken windows. Older windows are more challenging to clean and will retain color discoloration after a scrub.


Your windows are a way to bring the outdoors inwards. They are also a prominent feature of the home to outsiders. The windows are an intricate part of the house’s architecture. Window replacement in Chattanooga TN for purely aesthetic reasons is a viable consideration.

You should also replace your relatively new windows that are a couple of years old if you have to view the outside through streaks of lines. Additionally, technology gives us a myriad of options to upgrade our home’s outlook. Considering a replacement with Window Depot Chattanooga will allow you to have new remote-controlled sliding windows that let in more light and air.


Window Replacement Chattanooga TN
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Window Replacement Chattanooga TN

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